Supporting the Arts And artists in ozark and the surrounding community


A community that has an affection for the arts...

The Directors of the Arts Society of Ozark believe that when people see a city that has an affection for the arts, and is willing to invest in them, they view that as a vibrant community, and want to be a part of it; whether they're hometown residents, businesses, future transplants, or visitors.  Our mission is to advance and promote the arts in Ozark and in the surrounding area.

Our goals are to develop and support artistic programs, events, and educational activities for the benefit of the entire community.

Across the country struggling cities are investing in the arts, especially venues.  Throughout the recession Performing Arts Centers have not only sustained small businesses, but have also been economic engines and catalysts for their communities.  The ASO is working towards securing and developing a venue for an all inclusive theatre hall, public art classrooms, dance studio, meeting space, and a fine art exhibition hall.

In addition, Public art creates public interaction that supports a healthy community and economy.  The ASO is working to develop a creative vision/plan for the city of Ozark.  This comprehensive plan includes projects such as innovative art instillations, transforming green spaces, retaining local artists to paint murals, and creating a sculpture/art garden within our downtown.  These areas will not only add aesthetic value to the city they will also be areas where the ASO and other local organizations may host educational and recreational events.

The Arts Society of Ozark has been making giant strides towards rejuvenating the arts at home.  We are now in our third year of focusing on the promotion of our local creatives, event development, and creating opportunities to shine a spotlight on our breathtaking city and the talented people who call Ozark home.

For more information or to see how you can get involved, please contact our Executive Director Tamie Walthers.

(479) 209-8939

We thank you for your support!